Decentralized Render Platform

VDT Decentralized Render Farm. Built on the NEO Smart Economy.
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Our Whitepaper will contain the technical details surrounding VDT.Network.

Whitepaper Coming Soon

Our Commercial Paper will explain VDT.Network in a visual, easy to understand manner.

Commercial Paper Coming Soon

Our Solutions

Development Platform

VDT.Network offers familiar APIs and modules for developers to easily integrate VDT.Network's decentralized render farm with their applications.


The VDT team has built the first application on VDT.Network: Vidiato. Vidiato is an easy to use platform that lets users produce data-driven videos with Adobe After Effects templates quickly and conveniently.

Quality Nodes

VDT will manage top tier Render Nodes connected to the VDT.Network, increasing render network speed & efficiency.


The VDT team offers consultation & development services. We build applications on the VDT.Network for enterprise clients and partners.

Contact Information

VDT.Network is operated in The Netherlands and internationally, and incorporated in Estonia.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

VDT.Network OÜ
Estonia Company Registry Code 14404117
Harju maakond, Kuusalu vald, Pudisoo küla, Männimäe, 74626